Who, I am!!

I Am Michael Wayne Gulliver,

A 55 year old Marine. An artist photographer and cook. I’ve gone through life tattered and torn. I’m a recovering addict. Yes i’m addicted to things that make me feel good. Be it Sex or drugs a chemical explosion inside my body.

I’ve gone through life as a broken kid, My Dad left when I was four. But I never knew no difference I had House-Parents. I grew up in a home for kid’s from broken homes. It was the best time of my life.

At seventeen I joined the Marine Corps. And became a broken person. Till I met God. I care about kids, animals and broken souls.

I am taken my life as a broken person and reaching for new goals. Live in the moment!

Some of my likes and dislikes are bad compensation for any purpose, stupid people like everyone else.

And my disabilities. I am Bi-Polar, which makes me very emotional. I have servere anixety, almost like everyone else but mine is ramped up two hundred and fifty fold.

Little things make me smile.

I feel for every addict for I am one. I use to search out things that made me feel good, sex and drugs. I have PTSD. A lot of my life, was seeking ways to make me feel good, seeking drugs to hide myself from the way I feel. I was hazed in Boot Camp. Throughout my life I was into drugs and in and out of counseling but refused to admit what happened, cause I was A Marine.

My heartbreak, my wake up call. December 13th 2018. My best friend died, she OD’d.

I found out the next day. I continued using drug’s but Today July 12th, 2019, I Am 119 days, Clean!

I tried to kill myself a few times. I also OD’d a few times, four times that I can remember. It’s like a black out when you drink. No big deal, unless it messes with your life being emotionally or legally. Mine it did both. Emotionally I experience highs and lows that were phenomenal., drugs took me both ways, high and low but overall took me away from self. I’ve always put myself into people and work trying to make people feel better and my job to excel. I enjoy cooking and letting people serve them-selfs.

A goal in my life is to help people and keep my family safe and financially secure, to do that I am uploading my Art to two companies, which will print, frame and ship to you, merchants world- wide.

These site’s VIDA and Pixels have dedicated site’s for my work to be displayed, Merchants worldwide can view and purchase on these website’s

VIDA and Pixels can print my Art on Multiple Materials. From metal to clothes.



These two links will take you to my collections of product’s.

Another way

Whom am I?

I am Michael Wayne Gulliver. A 55 year old Veteran of the Cold War. A photographer, cook and Artist.

I started life in Nashua, N.H. I grew up partly in a home called Kurn Hattin Homes in Vermont, and partly in the Corps.

Kurn Hattin is a place for kid’s from broken homes. My Dad left when I was 4 years old and mom couldn’t support us kids full time and work with no help.

I joined the Marine Corps at 17 years old, I became a Marine that was hazed in boot camp. I let it ruin my life, I became an addict a broken person, a lifeless soul.

I’ve tried on and off to create myself and company but would always get sidetracked by the world of chaos. At this junction of life I’m recreating my self. I’m taken the broken person that has OD’ed 4 times, and tried suicide 3 times, and is still alive. I’m taken my broken life to new height’s, new goals, living for the moment in life there’s so much more to see. Moment by moment.

I would like to see my art in everyone’s home. I give away my time, pictures and art to friend’s cause it just piles up in my home and I can. My art can be made into many products, from shower curtains to woman’s blouses. I’ve been in & out of counseling. Most of my adult life. I’m Bi-polar, which mean i’m an emotional person. I’ve anxiety issues that are ramp-ed 250+. I feel for addicts and kids for I am both.

I’m addicted to things that make me feel good, sex, drugs, good people. A lot of my life was seeking drugs to hide the way I feel. I’ve tried to and failed to start a business out on my own as a photographer

but something would jump in the way, like needing a real job to pay for life, or good drugs. I’ve worked as a cook and manager of various places around Nashua and most of them places are now gone. I’ve dibbled and babbles through out my life. Now I am done. My life is new, as with each new day. I aim to set a new course, a new thought, a new goal. Done are the meaningless partnerships the fake friends the addict habitat. The life of searching for the next high. I’m going to invest my energies toward Art full products.

To do this I am going to invest time in inventory to sell at flea markets some art full products such as prints, women’s clothed material to include silk scarves, woman’s leggings, and art full metal print’s. The former & latter to be produced by VIDA & Fine Art America, which are two online company’s that print on demand and ship to worldwide purchaser’s . I’m going to build my brand Gully Art by purchasing some inventory to sell locally at area shops and flea markets.

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