Post of life??

So I haven’t written in a while! So let me tell you, today is the second day with my driver license back in my possession. I can drive legally once again after 3 years. But I have a “Interlock Device” installed, with which i must blow, suck, blow into to start my Jeep and then randomly as I drive. I have been installed as “The Post Historian at The American Legion” Post 13 ┬áin Greenville,N.H. So I’ll be taken pictures & video’s of the post events, which are really unknown to me at this time.

I Must Find A Job, to be able to keep my license because i must pay insurance payments, rental of interlock device and fee’s for calibration once a month just a year for the device but the insurance is for 3 years, ordered by the DMV of New Hampshire.

I’ve graduated from Veterans Court in Feb. was supposed to be the 9th but there was a snow storm. So it was all done on the 23rd.


Grad Vet Court

1341z 4.20.17