Patriots Rule

The biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. The first overtime in Super Bowl history. Yea, it was historic.

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So today, Life is Otay!!   Still in Greenville. I have My last Veteran’s Court this Thursday, Feb. 09. 2017 & also I have a hearing for decertification of Habitual Offender, so i may get my license back by March. I haven’t been shooting to much lately with my camera, but i have been using my cell to take a few pic’s. See my Facebook Page,

Hopefully I can get my business back together and running, but that will take awhile i need to find a real job for awhile. I am actually hoping to get a job in “lost prevention” at Walmart, once I can drive again!!

This is a picture i took with my cell, of the corner of frozen Greenville Fall’s, yesterday

Hello World Selfie,This is what i am looking like these days

Well I am out of thoughts at this time. Till Next Time.