50 Fk’n 4

Well turned 54 the other day! Said to a friend, so how am I supposed to act? I’ve never been this old. Been taken picture’s again, but have not created any art in a long time. As of June 2nd I live in Gofftstown N.H. Thinking I do have a job coming up!!! Have had a few interviews. Spent my August 14th evening in good old Greenville, N.H. Still, A 1 bar town and now the only restaurant that was there, Marcus P’s,  they have moved to Milford. So there is no place to go to eat.

I am Living with an older guy, renting a room, the master bedroom!  but I have downgraded from my room in Greenville, I had a land-line, ethernet/wifi, and any channel on the television I wanted! Now this guy…………….

I am also a Google Map Maker, an editor! which is really fun!!  Trying to get my business back on track but i need customers!!

Natural Light Photographer, I shoot on location!! I come to you, 100.00$ to start,  with that you get 4- 8 x 10’s, 4- 5 x 7.  I shoot the whole family, together and separately I design a collage in my head and bring you the best portrait’s you have ever had done, fast return compared to any other company I’ve worked for in the past.

SOOO, Just check me out on line if you need information just call 603-820-3571