Thoughts become actions. Which are choices that we make each to ourselves. They can be good and/or bad. A choice is a decision we make. And we usually follow thru……….

I chose to write somethings down. other things are not good to write down, but acknowledged them, good or bad. See where, when they come from.

Love is a choice not a feeling.

People don’t fall in love or fall out of love.

It’s always a choice.

Love is believing the best in someone.

Love is dedicated to forgiveness no matter how hard it is.

Love see’s the possibility before it ever experiences the reality.

Love is…………………………God!!

Love is having faith. Believing in things yet unseen.

God knows us before we even know our self’s!

We are very lucky if you believe in luck.

Destiny ?

Fate ?

Determined ?


Desires ?

Wants ?


you turn me on, I just can’t take it/ At times!!


Aware of each moment. My mind cries out to hold you.

My very fiber of being wants to control you.



We all, read, see, acknowledge, do, think.

Of things in there own time. When is the right time? Hindsight is 20/20.

Everything will come in it’s own time!?


YOU will not give in! At the right time?

It is a problem?

Can I serve you? & yours!!

Let us be equal, let us be more. Together!! Just some texting thoughts.