Where you lay your head is home

High out there.

It has been awhile since i’ve written, I’ve finally living in my own apartment. It has been 14 year’s since I’ve had a real home to call my own. I am living downtown Nashua, New Hampshire.      Today is Sept. 4th 2018.  I’m bring the Jeep to be fixed for my inspection sticker, estimated cost, $1300 bucks. I Must Thank Mom!! OVER & OVER!!! But while there are good things there are bad things, nothing is included in the rent, electric runs over 130$/ month the A/C unit in the apartment has failed but still pumping cool air just not the A/C coolant is not up to par. The landlord say’s there pullin the out anyways as they go down. It has been a really hot summer. multiple days over 80* +.

I am attending a “Start you own business” workshop in a week, let us see if I can learn anything to help me get control of my photography gig, I really haven’t made any real money in years as a photographer. I’ve been working hear & there cooking. I have a website trying to sell art.    https://fineartamerica.com/artists/1+michael+gulliver      

Till Next Time