New Year ~ New Goal’s

So as of November 2016, I’ve been homeless. My water pump went along with pulleys, tension pulley, serpentine belt so my whole check went into the Jeep. It was kinda a good thing, I had to get outta the place where I was living in Gofftstown.

Today is Jan. 7th 2018

I’ve gotten My Jeep Almost All Set, needs body work from sliding off Hwy near ext 10 on Rt 3. 1st snow storm took myself out with a controlled crash, instead of getting involved in a collision

But I’ve just got blessed with funding to fix Alot of issues with tune-up. new muffler, tranny line. Mom helped e with new tire’s.

I am couch-surfing at this time of life, waiting for a section 8 voucher. Searcher, searching for a place to call home, in Southern N.H.

Also since November I am on my 2nd yr with a legal Medical Marijuana Card. It’s legal in New Hampshire this past year, for “PTSD & Chronic Pain” 2 more item’s on my list of shit life that I deal daily with.

I have been Blessed with a great mom who help’s very much, but sometime’s I think she is trying to make up for what she did as a mother putting us kid’s at Kurn Hattin Homes, A home for kids, from broken home’s.

I haven’t made any art in awhile in fact the last time i did any real shooting was the wedding of Josh & Marina Saari, Charlie San & Katjie Saari’s, son. It was a great time. you can see the picture on my Facebook

Well: Just some ranting’s of a Vet Enjoy your year, May It Be Blessed!!                          “Till Next Time”   1.7.2018    0854est