Appointment today

well it’s 1126am on monday the 17th of October, it makes one year since i been here in the trailer, with Paul.

I have an appointment with Harbor Homes in Manchester, I might end up back at Dalanis House in Nashua, I if there is room available. I got kicked out Oct. 1st of 2015, for threaten someone, But Karma got him.

I don’t know where The Lord want’s me? I have been involved in an awesome Church here in New Ipswich, 12 min. drive from Greenville where i am situated

Goin Homeless

Monday 10.10.16 1053am

I have Columbus day today a holiday i must wait out. I have 7 days to vacate a home i been at for a year, well a trailer I really have no place I can go but shelter in Nashua!

Tomorrow i am supposed to get a call from Liberty House a Vet’s  “Grant Per Diem” . to see if i can get a bed, a room.?  But I feel the conversation I had was not that great, I got no good feeling from it!

I am going to sit on the steps at Dalanis House The same Per Diem I was at last year, Please God let me in!